How to get referral link to certain product

Once you activated your referral account, you want people to buy products from your site directly.

Here is how to get the referral link to certain product(s).

1.You need to know your unique referral ID and our product number.
   You can get your unique on your referral account (

     You can get our product number by hovering our product.

2.Create your referral link to certain product by following formula. (Please replace xxxx with your own referral ID number.)

iON-L01 1vCPU 1GB 25GB SSD 1IPv4 1TB (

iON-L02 1vCPU 2GB 50GB SSD 1IPv4 2TB (

iON-L03 2vCPU 2GB 60GB SSD 1IPv4 3TB (

iON-L04 2vCPU 4GB 80GB SSD 1IPv4 4TB (

iON-L05 4vCPU 8GB 160GB SSD 1IPv4 5TB (

iON-L06 6vCPU 16GB 320GB SSD 1IPv4 6TB (

iON-L07 8vCPU 32GB 640GB SSD 1IPv4 7TB (

iON-L08 12vCPU 64GB 960GB SSD 1IPv4 8TB (


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