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Los Angeles

ION-L03 2vCPU/2GB/60GB SSD/1IPv4/3TB Window Linux
ION-L04 2vCPU/4GB/80GB SSD/1IPv4/4TB Window Linux
ION-L05 4vCPU/8GB/160GB SSD/1IPv4/5TB Window Linux
ION-L06 6vCPU/16GB/320GB SSD/1IPv4/6TB Window Linux

San Jose Premium network

ION-SV03 2vCPU/2GB/60GB SSD/1IPv4/3TB Window Linux
ION-SV04 2vCPU/4GB/80GB SSD/1IPv4/4TB Window Linux
ION-SV05 4vCPU/8GB/160GB SSD/1IPv4/5TB Window Linux
ION-SV06 6vCPU/16GB/320GB SSD/1IPv4/6TB Window Linux

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